Activating and using telegram bot

Token activation

To log into Telegram bot you need a unique token for your account. You can get it in 2 ways

WARNING! Under no circumstances tell or give your token to anyone! If somebody gets your unique token he can get an access to your account!

  1. Following the link
  2. By clicking “Enable” (see the screenshot below)
  3. The app will require your password or a 2FA code (if you enabled it earlier using these settings)
  4. After entering the password/a 2FA code you will be forwarded to the page with the unique token of your account and with the link to our Telegram bot.



Log into Telegram bot

After getting your unique token you will get an access to trading using our Telegram bot. To log into Telegram bot you need to:

  1. Follow the link or enter CRYPTOLOCATOR_BOT in the search section of the Telegram app
  2. Click Start in the chatbox (see the screenshot below)
  3. The Bot will require to enter API token. Enter the unique account token you’ve got earlier on this page into the chatbox.
  4. Congratulations! You have successfully logged into Telegram bot! Now you have an access to such functions as checking the balance, sending cryptocurrecy to other wallets, chatting with buyers/sellers, push notifications about any changes regarding active trades, and many more!