How to create and secure a Cryptlocator account

Step 1

Register Cryptlocator account

  • Login: Enter the username you would like to have
  • E-mail: Enter your e-mail. We will send you a confirmation e-mail, and you'll receive notifications to this email in the future. Please enter the e-mail you actually have the access to, as we don’t allow to change it
  • Password: Create a password. It must contain at least 8 characters, both letters and digits are obligatory
  • Confirm password: Type your password again to confirm
  • Please verify that you are not a robot: Solve a captcha to verify you’re not a robot. Are you?
Step 2

Click the “Register” button and confirm your account, following the link in your confirmation email. If you don’t receive the letter, check you spam folder.

Step 3

Edit basic user information

  • We do not allow Username and E-mail changes due to the security reasons. However, if you have a serious reason , you may contact our support team providing the details
  • Choose the Timezone to set your ads schedule
  • Enter the Introduction if you want to provide some personal information
Step 4

Make sure your profile is secure

Step 5

Enable two-factor authentication

  1. Choose an authentication method to increase security
  2. Install the Google Authenticator app on your mobile phone or tablet: Android, iPhone, iPad or iPod. Scan the barcode in the Google Authenticator. The system will generate an one-time password. Input it in the “Authentication code” field, write down the backup code and click “Activate”
Step 6

View login guard

Step 7


  1. Click “Verify your mobile phone number”
  2. Mobile phone number verification
  3. Enter your country and mobile phone number. Click “Send verification code”. We will send you an SMS with the verification code to the number you entered
  4. Enter the received code and click “Verify”
Step 8

Verify your id

  • First name: Enter your first name as stated in your ID
  • Second name: Enter your second name as stated in your ID
  • Birth date: Enter your birthday as stated in your ID
  • Country: Enter the country where your ID was issued
  • City: Enter your city
  • Address: Enter your home address
  • Post/Zip code: Enter you home zip code
  • Files: Upload the scan of your ID in jpg, jpeg, gif, png or pdf
Step 9

Change the notification center settings if needed. We do not recommend you to disable any of it