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About us

Cryptlocator is a cryptocurrency Marketplace.

Our mission is to increase crypto availability, to organize the trading process and make it secure. The Platform brings together those who want to exchange cryptocurrency from all over the world with no limits.

The service gives an opportunity either to post advertisements, creating your own terms of exchange or just choose from a list of ready-to-make offers.

How We Differ

Because of peer-to-peer approach, it is possible to trade fast and directly.

Unlike some centralized cryptocurrency exchanges, you make a trade directly with another person. This makes the process lean and fast.

Cryptolocator makes it impossible for one user to be frauded by others thanks to the escrow approach: the system holds money for escrow automatically during every trade. There is a rating system: users leave a feedback so that they form a trust system.

Legal support is provided by Inalcons Ltd. User data is protected with all modern methods, transaction security provided by two factor authentication, data encryption and secure SSL (HTTPS) connection.