Frequently Asked Questions

How to create Cryptolocator account?

Read our detailed guide to create your account and set up the two-factor authentication:

Create Cryptolocator account

How do I buy or sell ether and bitcoin?

To make you familiar with the trading process, we've made great step-by-step guides to answer all your questions:

  1. How to sell ether and bitcoin
  2. How to buy ether and bitcoin
  3. Create advertisement to buy or sell ether and bitcoin
What is the least amount I can spend on ether or bitcoin?

Each ad has minimal and maximal trade amount limited by a seller. Cryptlocator limits only minimal amount to 0.05 ETH and 0.001 BTC equal to any fiat. For example, if the price is $200 per 1 ETH, you can’t spend less than $10. It all depends on the rate, though.

Why are some payment methods cheaper?

Some payment methods are less convenient than the others or may have certain limits or fees, most common can be charged back. For example, a bank can take the money someone transferred out of the receiver’s account upon a request. As this creates a risk or extra fees for a seller, he might have a higher price for certain payment methods to cover such risks or expenses.

I paid to the seller but I haven't received my ether or bitcoin yet

A seller usually release cryptocurrency as soon as he/she sees your payment, which can sometimes take an hour or two.

If you've paid but still waiting, there is nothing to worry about, all online payment trades are protected by escrow.

If there are any issues with your trade and the seller doesn’t release your cryptocurrency, you can dispute the trade, and our support team will resolve it.

If you buy or sell ether or bitcoin with online payment, you can dispute the trade after 1 hour if you have already marked the payment completed. In most cases just starting the dispute is enough to get the attention of your trading partner. A disputed trade is usually resolved within 24-48 hours.

I've made my payment, but I forgot to press the I have paid button or I did not press it on time

After you send a trade request to the seller, you have 60 minutes to complete the payment before the trade is automatically canceled. During this time you need to complete your payment and press the “I have paid” button. The seller will be notified that you've made the payment and the ETH/BTC will be held in escrow until the seller releases them for you, seeing the payment in his account.

If you’ve paid for the purchase, but did not mark the payment complete before the payment time window expired, please contact the seller through the trade. The seller can re-open the purchase, it also re-enables escrow. Send a message to the seller and kindly explain the situation and why you couldn't complete payment within the time window.

If the seller does not respond to the request or you miss the time window again, please contact our support team and mention your trade contact id number.

How often are advertisement prices updated?

Advertisement prices are based on exchange rates, which are volatile and may change rapidly.

Cryptlocator updates its exchange rates and advertisement prices every 5 minutes. Prices shown in the listings and on the front page are cached, and update a little slower. Sometimes when the cryptocurrency price is fluctuating rapidly, advertisements with the same price equation may display different price. Sometimes market data is not available for some currencies, that leads to advertisement prices updating delays. However, when you open the advertisement page, the price will be up to date.

The price of the purchase is determined at the moment the ETH/BTC buyer sends a trade request.

Feedback and Trust System
How does the feedback work?

Feedback shows other traders how reliable you are. It is based on the experience of the users you’ve previously traded with and shows the percentage of positive feedback. Your partner can give you feedback only once.

There are three types of feedback:

  1. Positive feedback will improve your partner's rating
  2. Neutral feedback will not affect your partner's rating
  3. Negative feedback will decrease your partner's rating
What is the difference between confirmed and unconfirmed feedback?

Confirmed feedback is shown on a user's public profile and affects the user's rating. Unconfirmed feedback is visible only to the recipient and our support team.

Confirmed feedback requirements: the total trade volume of the feedback giver must be not less than 50 ETH/BTC or the feedback giver must have verified ID and the total trade volume of at least 0.1 ETH/BTC.

How can I change the feedback I’ve left?

Visit the trade's page, find the rating section and click the Update your feedback button within 48 hours after the trade.

You can't change feedback that someone else has given you, however, if you believe the feedback is unfair, you can contact your trading partner and ask him to change the feedback.

What is a Trusted user?

Trusted users can view advertisements that you have created and set the visibility for trusted users only. Traders can use this functionality e.g to create ads with less limitations and better prices for friends.

How am I protected from fraud?

When you start a trade, we automatically hold the traded ETH/ BTC amount in a seller’s wallet. It is called escrow. All online trades are protected by escrow . Right after the seller gets the money you sent (and confirmed by clicking “I have paid” button), he releases ETH/ BTC to your wallet. If the seller tries to fraud you, it's easy for you to open a dispute on the trade, our support team will investigate the issue and transfer you the cryptocurrency you've paid for.

As a seller, never release the escrow before you’ve actually received the money.

Security tips

I don't have a mobile phone or I don’t want to verify it. Can I still use your service?

You can buy or sell without having a mobile phone or verifying it, but some ads are only shown to users who has verified mobile phone number. Therefore, verifying your phone number will let you see more advertisements and choose the best deal.

I can't verify my ID. Can I still buy and sell?

You can still trade without verifying your ID. However, lots of our traders do require an ID verification due to security reasons. This requirement is obligatory in some countries. Traders also have an option to show his/her ad only to the users who have verified their ID, therefore verified ID will let you see more advertisements and choose the best deal.

Do I need re-verification if I changed my ID?

We expect you to keep your user information up to date, so yes, if you changed your ID document, please re-verify it.

A trader is asking me for my ID, and I don't feel comfortable.

In certain countries sellers are required by local laws to know who their customers are. Most sellers explain in the terms of the trade if they require ID verification or not.

If you do not wish to give the seller your ID, you can always cancel the trade and search for a trader with less strict requirements. Always send your ID to the seller via the trade chat, as trade chat messages are kept encrypted on our servers and are deleted after 180 days. All photographs sent to the trade chat are also marked with a watermark to prevent misuse of the images.

What should I do if someone else has accessed my account?
  1. Change your password as soon as possible.
  2. Open a support ticket right after. Explain what happened and provide your login, email, name, IP address, phone number associated with your account, your recent site activity and other details that you assume helpful.
Is it possible to change my username/email?

Currently we do not allow username or email changes due to security reasons. However, if you have a good reason, you can contact our support team and we’ll see what we can do.

How does the real name policy protects a seller?

Accepting unauthorized payments is a risk for a Ethers seller.

Our real name policy is worked out to prevent unauthorized transfers in Ethers purchases.

By checking the ID of the buyer and making sure the ID matches the paying account name, the seller can verify the buyer's identity and that becomes clear the trade partner is using his/her own payment account.

How is my information protected?

In 180 days after a trade, Cryptlocator deletes all the messages and files related to the trade, including file attachments like scanned IDs.

For more information view our Privacy policy.

How do I send Ethers or Bitcoin to a different wallet?

All ethers and bitcoins you’ve bought will appear in your Cryptlocator wallet. You can easily send them to another addresses: input the correct full address and amount in the form. If necessary, type a description as you want it to appear in your transactions list. Please type the address very carefully, as we are not able to cancel the transfer. We are not responsible for any mistakes or typos you make that may lead to losses.

How do I replenish my Cryptlocator Wallet?

In order to sell ether and bitcoin, your balance must be positive. Thus you need to send some ether or bitcoin to your Cryptlocator Wallet. Make sure you have an active account, then go to your wallet and copy the receiving address. We recommend you to generate a new address for each transaction for privacy reasons. Old addresses still work, but we do not recommend you to use them.

Once you have your receiving address, go to your another wallet and use this address to send cryptocurrency to your Cryptlocator Wallet.

How long does it take to send or receive cryptocurrency to my Cryptlocator Wallet?

Transactions take between 10-60 minutes when you are sending ether or bitcoin to/from your Cryptlocator Wallet. In certain cases, e.g. while suspicious activity, the withdrawal transactions may take 6 hours waiting for admin moderation.

Transactions between Cryptlocator Wallets are instantaneous.

I've waited 20 minutes and my transaction is still pending, now what?

The crypto network might be experiencing congestion, in this case transactions will take much longer to go through. Transactions have to be confirmed by the network. Sometimes it can take much longer or much less time. You can view current number of unconfirmed transactions on the ETH network here and BTC network here.

Why can't I send all ethers or bitcoins I have in my wallet?

We reserve a small amount of cryptocurrency on your Wallet balance to pay the transaction fee to the crypto network. Each transaction has to be paid for by a small fee to the network in order to be confirmed no matter where it is sent from. We reserve this fee in advance to prevent your Wallet balance from becoming negative.

I made a transaction from Cryptlocator and it is not displayed on the receiving end

Transactions take between 10-60 minutes regardless of whether you send ether or bitcoin to the Cryptolocator Wallet or out to someone else. Transactions between Cryptlocator Wallets are instantaneous.

I sent ether or bitcoin to the incorrect address, can I get them back?

All transactions are irreversible, once you’ve sent ether or bitcoin to another address it is not possible for you or us to reverse it. To get your ether or bitcoin back you can try to find the address of the owner and ask him/her to return it to you.

Ethers trading

Registering an account, buying, and selling cryptocurrency are completely free.

Advertisement owners pay a 1% fee for each completed trade.

ETH and BTC transaction fees

Transfers to other Cryptlocator users’ wallets are free.

Transfers to other wallets are subject to fee.

BTC commission is 0.0004 BTC

ETH withdrawal fee is 0.0084 ETH

USDT withdrawal fee is up to 20 USDT

In case of replenishment of the ETH wallet the minimum amount of the replenishment is 0.05 ETH. The minimum amount for USDT replenishment is 100 USDT. The replenishment of the wallet with less amount is not guaranteed and may be subjected to an additional fee.