Cryptolocator platform integrates USD Tether stablecoin.

Now, on the Cryptolocator platform you can protect your assets from sudden changes in the rate of Bitcoin or Ethereum due to the implementation of the stable USD Tether support.

Adding such functionality to the P2P platform is a very important decision for the operational comfort of both professional traders and all other market participants. Now, users of the platform are fully protected from sharp fluctuations in the cryptocurrency exchange rate since they can instantly transfer their assets to the equivalent of the US dollar and back according to the market price. You no longer have to create several deposits on different cryptocurrency exchanges and worry about the sudden fall in the rate of cryptocurrency. With Cryptolocator, your digital currencies are protected.

  • Available pairs: BTC – USDT, ETH – USDT, BTC – USDT – ETH и ETH – USDT – BTC 

Cryptolocator was created in 2017 and combined all the best features that users of the p2p exchange cryptocurrency market appreciate:

  1. The ability to buy and sell the two most popular currencies BTC and ETH;
  2. Reduced commission for site services for makers (0.75%) and the absence of commission for takers;
  3. Over 100 different ways to exchange;
  4. Reduced barrier to entry - the purchase or sale of cryptocurrency from $20.
  5. Use of secure SSL protocols for transactions security;
  6. High speed platform operation;
  7. 24-hour user support.

Two years after the market entry we continue to monitor modern trends in IT putting them in place and automating the process of trading. Today we implemented a unique Telegram bot which allows you to make any transaction whether it is cryptocurrency selling or buying, and also to use the full functionality of the wallet, and transfer or receive funds without leaving the messenger. Moreover, all users can now get access to the open Cryptolocator API).

A number of great updates including the launch of a powerful referral program is coming for the first half of 2019, it will be a pleasant surprise for all the participants of the platform. It will become one of the marketing strategy tools for attracting a large number of new users to our site. Integration of USDT into Cryptolocator Wallet.

The current market situation for cryptocurrency rates leaves much to be desired, high volatility remains an urgent problem. In order for you not to incur losses of time and money in the process of withdrawing cryptocurrency to the wallets of third-party exchanges because of a sharp change in the course, we added the option of direct ETH and BTC exchange to stablecoin USDT directly in our built-in wallet on the Cryptolocator platform. You can appreciate all the benefits of technology right now. Go to the Wallet tab and see how easy it is make a transaction - just specify the desired currency and the required amount of USDT. The transaction on the Cryptolocator goes through in a second allowing you to quickly complete the conversion.

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