Why is Cryptolocator safe?

The Cryptolocator platform successfully passed a technical check for vulnerability scan.

Together with the independent auditing companies OnSec and Cobalt Labs, our platform has passed a technical check for potential vulnerabilities, which allows us to state with confidence that our platform and the Cryptolocator SafeWallet wallet are safe. The selected organizations have proved to be one of the best auditors of the program code. Considering the quality of the code directly affects the reliability of the storage of our users' funds, we are happy to receive appreciation from experts in this field. Below we publish a partial description of the test and the official final conclusion.

Penetration Test

The test was a manual security assessment of the functionality, business logic, and resource vulnerabilities, cataloged in OWASP Top 10. The evaluation included an overview of the security measures and requirements listed in the OWASP web application security verification standard (ASVS). The audit team had access to authenticated users, which allowed them to test security controls for different roles and permissions. The test included an attempt to “vertical” privilege elevation (access to information not authorized in the container/project) and “horizontal” privilege elevation (access to information in other containers/projects without authorization). Some of the problems found were tested to make sure that false positive vulnerabilities were not reported as well as to test for a higher degree of seriousness. During Cobalt and OnSec work, the most advanced ways to search for vulnerabilities were involved.

Final conclusions:

  • The site code is thoroughly thought out and implemented.
  • No critical errors were detected.
  • The errors found were eliminated in accordance with the recommendations of the auditors.

Due to technical audits and constant improvement of security systems, there has not been a single case of hacking our software code for 2 years, it indicates that all the security requirements of the cryptocurrency market are met.

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