CRYPTOLOCATOR Roadmap 2019 | Q2

CRYPTOLOCATOR Roadmap 2019 | Q2 - Our plans for the second quarter.

Despite the difficult times for crypto rates and for the industry as a whole, the Cryptolocator platform keeps working stably, and our team looks forward positive. Having gathered experience in the P2P trade for over two years of work and collected feedback from our users, we decided to significantly update the functionality of our site. In the near future, the platform will get a number of innovations that will improve the work and will simplify interaction with the resource.

The first update will be opening access to the API, this solution will automate the trading process for professional traders and will make it possible for developers around the world to create own trading applications. Before opening access to the API, the platform has already got a number of changes in the interface, what, according to users, has made UI more convenient and friendlier, and the updated security protocols have made our cryptocurrency wallet Cryptolocator Safe Wallet even safer. The wallet itself will get a great update of the interface and functionality right after the API release.

In the second quarter of 2019, we plan to launch an active advertising campaign to attract users to our platform. You will enjoy the improvement of the affiliate program conditions and Bounty launch.

This is only a small part in the series of planned updates for the second quarter of 2019.

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