Cryptolocator Lottery

Just buy cryptocurrency and win up to $100 every day!

Perform simple actions on the platform: conduct transactions, buy or sell cryptocurrency - get additional lucky tickets every day!

Complete transactions with a total volume of only $150 and get the first 5 tickets!
Just buy and sell cryptocurrencies profitably and get 5 tickets every time you reach $800!
Invite your friends - get more free tickets for each action of your friend, repeatedly increasing your chances!

How to get free tickets for draws? Very simple:

  1. All users who perform various actions on the platform receive tickets which are credited to their account to the lottery section within an hour;
  2. The lottery draw takes place at any time by you personally in the Lottery section. The game is implemented on the principle of an instant lottery with the ability of instant honesty verification;
  3. All prizes are credited within an hour in ETH to your Ethereum wallet, you can find it in your account. Funds are immediately available for withdrawal.

Conditions for charging tickets for actions:

  • 5 tickets are provided after you reach $150 trade volume for the first time
  • 5 tickets are provided for each subsequent transaction in increments of every $800

New referral opportunities

Cryptolocator referral program has become even more interesting. In addition to the income of up to 50% of the service commission from all transactions made by your referrals, you will receive additional tickets for each invited user and his actions:

  • 5 tickets are provided after your referral reaches $150 trade volume for the first time
  • 5 tickets are provided every time your referral reach new $800 trade volume

What prizes can I win?

The principle of a lottery is very simple. You need to select any 6 digits in each ticket you receive and start the digital drum. If the number you choose matches the result of the draw in whole or in part then you will receive money that is instantly transferred to the Cryptolocator wallet.

Winning combinations:

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    The number of friends you can invite is unlimited. But we reserve the right to correct or change the rules of the referral program at any time and for any reason that we deem appropriate.